Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time to Review your Estate Plan!

If you saw us 5 years ago or longer to create your estate plan, we are reaching out to you! You will receive a  "We've Missed You!" postcard on the anniversary date of your estate plan.

"Life's situations change and often times we forget to update our estate plans.  What made sense 5 years ago may no longer be applicable today" reports Colleen Watters, associate counsel at the Law Office of Lynn Dean.  "We always recommend that you review your documents every 5 years."

With our outreach effort, we hope the postcards will prompt clients to think about their current situation and whether any changes are necessary.  To make it even easier, we are offering a complimentary phone review with attorney Colleen Watters.  She will help you determine if any changes are even necessary!

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