Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall is a good time to make a decision to have an estate plan created

Lynn A. Dean
While seasons change to shorter days and cool mornings prompt you to think about seasonal transitions, now is a good time to also review your estate plan.  

If you have not made the decision to have an attorney create your estate plan, the obvious question is why not?  Here are some questions to consider. Keep in mind you have choices:

  • Do you have children?  What happens to your children if something happens to you?  Would you want a trusted relative or friend to take care of them or have the court decide for you?
  • How many years have you enjoyed healthy winters uneventful from illness or injury?  What happens to you if you are not able to decide on important health care decisions? Wouldn't you want a trusted loved one to oversee your best interest and wishes on medical matters you may not be able to enforce?
  • Do you own property?  What happens to your house if there are no documents created to protect your assets from probate?  Do you intend to have your loved ones inherit your life long investments or have property and investments tied up in the court system costing money that would otherwise go to your loved ones? 
  • Is there a family heirloom you have in mind for that special someone?  Maybe there are family members you don’t want it to go to - How can these matters be firmed up?
Estate Planning can be complicated, but at Dean & Watters, we make it easy.  Don’t delay – call for a consultation and get rid of the unknowns that may have been holding you back from making that decision.  

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