Thursday, January 21, 2016

Don't Be Tricked Into Spending Unnecessary Money on a Deed Solicitation

If you recently had a deed recorded, (trust transfer quitclaim deed, inter-spousal transfer deed, or any other kind) please take note.  Even if you re-financed or purchased property, you may be solicited by a company called RECORD TRANSFER SERVICES. 

There are many other names of similar deed service companies, but this one was recently provided to us by our client.  We’ve attached a copy of the letter for you to see, click here. 

In this example, the company, RECORD TRANSFER SERVICES, is from Westlake Village, CA.  Their office locations changes, but they are not new to this tricky kind of solicitation.  There is a long history of complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

At first glance the letter looks legitimate.  In bold letters it’s titled RECORDED DEED NOTICE and there are factual items noted on it that do pertain to your property such as parcel number, recording date and county of recording. This information is public record and the scam is to lure you into paying over $80.00 for a copy of your current deed.  The example letter (in the link above) even comes with a compliance date in big bold letters and a special box outlining reasons why you need to pay them. 

The fact is you don’t need a copy of your deed. Your actual deed will be mailed to you at no charge. And if you need another copy, you can order one through your county clerk recorder’s office for a few dollars!   In some counties you can also order deed copies online.

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